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Orisabunmi And Siblings Were Not Killed By Covid-19, See What Killed Them

Orisabunmi and her siblings were not killed by Covid-19. There were rumours on the social media yesterday claiming that the late veteran Yoruba Actress, Folake Aremu, A.K.A Orisabunmi and her siblings were killed by Covid-19.

The three siblings died within 72 hours interval. The sequence of their death gave room for suspicion which made some people to believed they were all killed by the deadly Covid-19 virus.

However, a family source on Tuesday dispelled the information that they were killed by Covid-19 as unsubstantiated rumour, the source revealed that the three siblings were not killed by Covid-19, Orisabunmi was sick and her sickness deteriorated on the third day when she gave up, there was no contact with her siblings as her elder brother had been sick for a while and Orisabunmi’ death was not revealed to him due to his health conditions

Orisabunmi and siblings were not killed by Covid-19, see what killed them

Unfortunately, Orisabunmi’s brother, Steve Onishola heard the death of his sister through the media, this made his conditions to get worse as he was nursing hypertension before. It was further revealed that late Janet Ademola who was the last born of the family also had hypertension before the sudden death of her Sister and brother, it was revealed that the relationship between late Orisabunmi, her late brother and sister was so cordial and Orisabunmi was the breadwinner of the family.

The shock of Orisabunmi’ s death was responsible for the deaths of her siblings not Covid-19. This shows that the rumours going around on the social media are fabricated lies

May their souls rest in peace


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