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Meet Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo

Meet Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo

Meet Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, one of the persons who have successfully built their reputations, Integrity, and acceptability in Kwara Politics is Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, a lawyer turned politician, an ignominy man, an illustrious son of Isanlu- Isin in Isin Local Government of Kwara State.

Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo was an ex-commissioner in Kwara state and the chief whip of the 5th House of Assembly in the state. He was a vocal legislator during his term as a member representing Isin state Constituency. There was hardly a day that his name would not be mentioned in the news, either for raising motion of public importance, sponsoring a bill, or condemning an action.

Oyedepo was a strong loyalist of the former governor of Kwara state, Late Alhaji Mohammed Alabi Lawal who governed the state between 29th May 1999 and 29th May 2003, hence he didn’t depart from Lawalistic Ideology, which was “Kwara First ” he refused to join the set of people that dislodged Lawal from the realm of power in the state.

Chief Akogun as the majority of his fans used to call him, was the state chairman of Action Congress of Nigeria ACN, before the merger of the party with the Congress for Political Change CPC and 5 PDP governors who called themselves nPDP, ahead of 2015 General election. Akogun detested the political policies of the former governor of the state and the former Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki, hence, he purposed within himself never to have anything to do with him, especially in respect of Kwara politics.

Chief Oyedepo is not an Opportunistic politician, otherwise, he would have made a lot of money through Saraki by dancing to his tune. He refused to be bought with money or position.

The Building Of PDP By Akogun

Meet Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo

Upon the merger of the ACN, CPC, nPDP, and a few other political parties in 2014, Senator Bukola Saraki who was one of the leaders of the nPDP decamped from PDP to the new merger party, All Progressive Congress APC. The National body of the APC believed that Saraki owned Kwara and that no party could win in Kwara without Saraki and handed over the party structure to Senator Bukola Saraki without recourse to the state party leaders, especially, the party Chairman who was Chief Akogun.

Acting upon this, chief Akogun and his colleagues together with their structures left APC and moved en mass to PDP where Saraki and his structure had left. It was like an exchange of Barton.

Akogun and his structure began to build the state PDP from scratch, this was because Saraki took about 99.9 % of all that belonged to PDP to APC, including movables and immovables. Chief Akogun was ably supported by the like of Baba Rex Olaoye, Hon. Alhaji Sadiq Alajagusi, Femi Yusuf, engineer Shaba and host of others.

This group of people began the sensitization of the people of Kwara State on a Radio Programme called “PPD GBODE” meaning PDP is everywhere, on Royal FM 95.1 Ilorin. They used this program against the ruling Party’s Policies, especially policies that were inimical to the growth of the state. Through this program, they gathered more fans and loyalists who were already sensitized about the government activities and that the ruling party was mismanaging the state fund. The program was later extended to Harmony FM 103.5 Indofian. It got to a stage that every Thursday, 12-1 pm most People of the state must be tuned in to the Programme.

This Radio program made the majority of Kwarans become PDP members without membership cards. The party was already acceptable to the people of the state. To test the popularity of the Akogun led PDP, the local government election conducted by the state government in 2017 was cleared by PDP, but due to the fact that the election was conducted by the state government, it was manipulated for APC candidates.

However, the PDP was building momentum in the state, as thousands of Kwarans had fallen in love with the party. By the end of 2018, Senator Bukola Saraki and his Structure had already encountered a roadblock in APC and he decamped again to PDP. Just like in the previous case, the National leadership of the party also handed over the party back to Saraki but by this time, he was not able to go with all the structure of the party, some were left behind, this was because of the Hon. Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and his structure were also in the party.

Akogun’s Journey Back To APC

hief Akogun again, insisted he couldn’t work together with Senator Bukola Saraki, noting that the ideologies of the two of them differ. At this juncture, Chief Akogun and his structure went back to APC, at this time APC became a very strong party in the state.

This was because the people of the state transferred their love for Akogun and his colleagues in PDP to their newfound parties. I remember, personally, i did not support the decision taken by Akogun and his colleagues at that time, because I strongly believed they would win Kwara state in any party they decided to run from. It has happened in Ondo where Dr. Olusegun Mimiko having been denied of PDP ticket decamped to LP and won the state, but some believed joining hand with the then APC would hasten their victory at the poll.

Akogun and his structure joined the then APC with accord to work together for the emancipation of Kwara people from maladministration for complete 16 years. It was not clear whether there was an agreement as to the power-sharing formula between the Akogun team and the then APC.

However, Akogun did not show interest in elective posts but some of his colleagues did but only one was successful and that is Hon. Alhaji Sadiq Alajagusi a grassroots politician and a very brave and vocal man, he won house of Representative seat for Asa and Ilorin West Federal Constituency. Others were schemed out of the race during the primary.

Instead of Akogun and his Colleagues to reject the Primary election, they accepted it with joy, just to ensure victory for the party. According to Akogun, his “sole mission was to dislodge KANAKANA from Kwara” What actually happened in Kwara APC Primary was terrible and worse than a Broad day robbery. People were just handpicked by the power that be and those that actually won were replaced.

The governorship primary was won by Professor Oba Shuaib Abu who was the former VC of Unilorin and former Chairman of FCC, he was part of Akogun’ s structure, but they rigged him out. I believe those that manipulated the primary are currently regretting it as their endorsed candidate has abandoned all of them.

During the APC campaign, Chief Akogun, Baba Rex. Femi Yusuf. Engineer Shaaba, Comrade Esinrogunjo, Hon. Saheed Popoola and the host of others worked laboriously for the success of the party. The bye Election of Ekiti/ Isin/ Oke- Ero / Irepodun Federal Constituency where Akogun hails from, served as a litmus test for the 2019 general election where the PDP was defeated mercilessness.

Akogun and his colleagues continued with their serious campaign and made several promises some of which include: a review of state civil servants salaries, payment of outstanding salary for the SUBEB and local government staff, mass construction of roads, Agricultural development, prompt promotion of civil servants, payment of pensioners and their outstanding gratuities, renewal of the state media houses to mention but few.

The election was a great success as the APC cleared all the elected positions in the state first of its kind since 1967 that the state was created. However, things fall apart after the election victory. The party began to witness divisions based on caucuses. The new Governor abandoned all the people that worked for his success in the election, including Akogun and his colleagues who have been working for the emancipation of the state since 2007.

I can say categorically that majority of those that voted for APC in the state during the 2019 governorship election voted for Akogun and his team as nobody knew Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq before, he is not a candidate that can defeat Saraki at all, but for the sensitization works done by Akogun’s team.

Many people thought Akogun would be made Deputy governor after the emergence of Abdulrahman but instead, another innocent candidate who is not known at any level to Kwarans was imposed as the Deputy Governor. Yet this did not deter Akogun and his team to work for the success of the party.

It should be noted that if Chief Akogun, Professor Oba and other members of their structure should initiate a legal action against the conduct of the state APC primary election, Kwara state would have witnessed the same things that happened in both rivers and Zamfara States and Bukola Saraki and his boys would have been in power by now.

The sacrifice of Akogun, Professor Oba, and other aspirants of the party in accepting the outcome of the state APC primary election that produced number 4 or 5 as the party candidate without litigation worth to be commended and appreciated, but unfortunately, this is not the case as all of these people have been sidelined, including the Chairman of the party in the state. They do not know anything about the government of the day in the state.

Chief Akogun Iyioola Oyedepo may not be rewarded for the relentless efforts he made to install the present government, posterity will surely reward him and others who have contributed so much to dislodge Bukola Saraki from Kwara state. Even though many people are calling on Akogun and his team, challenging them on many campaign promises made by them that the present government is denying. There is nothing they can do since they are no longer part of the government as planned. What they’re currently experiencing was not what they planned for.

All the People of Kwara State appreciate the leadership role played by Chief Akogun and his team and believe the future is bright.

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