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Judiciary Autonomy: A Dead Executive Order?

Judiciary Autonomy: A dead Executive order.

Nigeria is a Federal State with Presidential system of of government, this system of government confers a lot of powers on the president who is described as the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, this means the President has the power on and over the Army and other securities apparatus.

Even though the presidential system of government has three basic arms which are the executive, legislature and the Judiciary, out of these three arms, it is very clear that the executive is the most powerful one. While the executive is headed by the President, the legislature and the Judiciary are headed by the Senate President and the Chief Justice respectively.

The constitution vested a lot of powers on the President, one of those powers is the power to declare executive order in respect of a particular issue. Executive order once gazetted has force of law and powerful

Judiciary autonomy: Non effective presidential executive order

President Mohammadu Buhari on May 22nd 2020 signed a Presidential Executive Order 10 of 2020 which granted financial autonomy to State Legislatures and State Judiciaries, the order was to ensure the deduction from the source of  what are due to the State Assemblies and state Judiciaries from the monthly allocation of the state that failed to grant the autonomy.

However, it’s disheartening that this Presidential order and some other orders seems to be a toothless bulldog, about two years after the signing of the order, no execution or implementation yet. It’s so unfortunate that the Nigeria Governor’s Forum which is the umbrella body for the Governors in the Country has been trying to frustrate the implementation of the order,  this has however rendered the Presidential order useless and powerless.

It’s worthy to be noted that many Presidential orders under the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari have been lying down without enforcement, this shows executive weakness and inability of this government to match words with actions, hence, further declaration of Presidential executive orders become irrelevant and useless to Nigerians.


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