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Covid-19 and Lassa Fiver, Matter Arrising

The coronavirus pandemic and the Lassa fever are like brother and sisters with the mortality the have recorded, though the mode of transmission and effect in the human body is different from one another, both diseases are deadly.

Lassa fever is said to be transmitted from rodents which is common in the local communities in Nigeria. Since December 2019 Lassa fever has killed more than 200 Nigerian across about 10 States. The attitude of the government to curtailed the spread of the fever was very poor, many Nigerians have died as a result of the lassa fever, most especially the people at the grassroot who are vulnerable to the rodents that causes the fever and the medical personnel who attended to the affected people, ignorantly treating them for ordinary fever.

Both Federal and State Governments did not do enough to stop the spread of the Lassa fever since they were never affected with the dreadful disease.

The fatality of Lassa fever is higher than that of coronavirus, even though the mode of transmission of Covid-19 is higher than that of lassa fever. Lassa fever kills 8 of 10 people who are affected while coronavirus kills 1 of 20, despite this, our government failed to tackle the disease.

We can say the Lassa fever is for the poor, the downtrodden, the villagers, the masses and the people who do not have the right access to the medical facilities, people who are abandon in the village without government presence.

The coronavirus which can be described as the brother to Lassa fever has entered Nigeria dealing with the people in Government, people of high influence who determined what, how, and where. Those who can travel abroad anyhow, especially for medical trip. Those who have power to equipped our medical facilities but failed to do so, just because they have access to foreign treatment.

The Covid-19 was imported to Nigeria and as at now it is dealing with governors, Senators, and other politicians who do not deem it fit to tackle the Lassa fever.Covid-19 and Lassa Fiver, matters Arising

The irony of it is that these politicians are now running away from Covid-19 as the virus is running after them, they are ordering closure of everywhere not because they care for the welfare of the people but because they care for themselves and their families.

Many Nigerians are happy that the virus started with the politicians who do not have the opportunity to travel abroad for treatment as they used to do. In fact, many of them run back home from abroad for safety. This will perfect the Yoruba saying “Ile Labo Isinmi Oko” which means “home is the rest place after return from farm” these politicians have forgotten they will be buried here in Nigeria, hence everything must be done to better Nigeria.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic and the rate at which it is killing people abroad is ×20 higher than here in Nigeria, hence, no where to run to. These people will now be admitted in Nigeria Hospital and treated the same way, and place with the common man.

One can clearly say Lassa fever is for the poor while coronavirus is for the Rich and everyone will carry his cross according to his or her strength.

If our government had responded to Lassa fever the same way they’re responding to coronavirus, many Nigerians’ lives would have been saved from the Lassa Fever. What goes around comes around.

Nigerian masses should be careful and stay safe from the pandemic and Wait to see how many politicians will eventually go with it, peradventure God want to clean our land from bad leadership with the deadly virus, who knows? But time will tell.


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